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New to the stores this week, is a wide variety of genres. The biggest and most well known title is the Sims 4, promising some new improvements over the last release. Some of these improvements are making the characters more emotional and lifelike, as well as changing the UI to be more friendly. However, the basic game will still be the same formula of play. Also releasing this week, a promising title on PC for those who like strategy games called, Planetary Annihilation. The last update I played in the beta was similar to Sins of the Solar Empire. Conquering planets and looking for enemies; the difference is a fight over a planet gives you access to an entire planet, all 360 degrees of it. This is a must buy if you love strategy games.

This week is PAX Prime 2014, a new first person shooter was announced titled, Firewatch. You can find the trailer here. Finally, State of Decay will be released as State of Decay Survival Edition for the PC and Xbox One. The release will include the previous DLCs released for the original title.

Games Releases This Week…

Monday, September 1st

  • PC:  The Fantabulous Adventures of Hedgehog Holmes, Hexcells Infinite

Tuesday, September 2nd

  • PC: Sims 4, Runers, RECYCLE
  • PS4: .Velocity 2X, Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate
  • Vita: Velocity 2X, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, Muramasa Rebirth: Hell’s Where the Heart Is, Joe Danger
  • Xbox One: Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, Dance Central Spotlight, Warframe

Thursday, September 4th

  • 3DS: Tappingo 2
  • PC: Train Fever, Boo Bunny Plague
  • WiiU: Cubemen 2

Friday, September 5th

  • PC: Planetary Annihilation, Dead Rising 3, Guilty Gear X2 #Reload, Orborun

* Bold – Denotes reader watch list of big titles or sleeper hits.

* Note – All dates are for the North American Region.


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