Amazon Echo pushes out MAJOR updates! – News

I hope that the world is ready for the Amazon Echo.  This product isn’t even release to the public yet and it is an amazing piece of equipment!  This small cylinder speaker has replaced my internet radio that sat on my kitchen counter and it is constantly improving.  The most notable is the recent update that Amazon pushed in the last few days with connected smart home device support.  These include light switches, plugs and CaptureHue lamps made from Phillips and Belkin.  So now you can say “Alexa, turn off the lights” and it will complete the task.  Anyone else feel like Jarvis is coming into the home but in the form of a female Amazon Echo named Alexa?  My kiddos love this thing and it is able to play any type of music my retrieving stations from iHeart Radio and now, just updated last week to PANDORA!  It additionally streams Tuned In and your Amazon Music Library – which mine is pretty empty because they only support importing 250 songs unless you want to pay extra $$.  I’ll give you some of the uses that I have for it.  This compiles my shopping list and with the companion app on my phone I can see it and cross it off when I go to the store.  Alexa also has a “to-do” list.  I tell Alexa to play “rock music” and she completes the task and begins playing artists such as Aerosmith.  If I ask her to play a specific artist and they don’t have it in the music library she automatically creates a station on iHeart radio and it begins to stream.  No matter if music is playing or not yCapture1ou can say the command “Alexa” and she will begin to listen to your every command.  My kids love to hear her jokes “Alexa, tell me a joke.”  They also enjoy her Wikipedia answers, “Alexa, Who was George Washington?” Every morning I get a news brief of the world and what is going on.  Much better than watching the news in my opinion and it is quick and  through the app.  “Alexa, news brief” gives me my news and the weather for the day.  Pretty amazing I must say and it hasn’t even been released to the public! If you can get a hold of one of these I would highly recommend buying this one!  Amazon tech has been amazing recently and they have a bright future ahead!


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