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Atomic Blonde

If you’ve ever wanted to see a female 007, here she is. Charlize Theron plays an elusive MI-6 spy sent to Berlin to retrieve a list that contains the names of several undercover agents — one of them being herself. Atomic Blonde is a stylish action thriller from one of the directing duo behind John Wick. The first solo directorial effort from David Leitch is a little more Bourne than Wick. However; by no means is it a bad thing. It’s definitely more plot-driven than Wick.

Taking place in 1989 Berlin, Atomic Blonde also stars James McAvoy, John Goodman, Til Schweiger, Eddie Marsan, Toby Jones and Sofia Boutella. It’s based on Antony Johnston’s graphic novel called “The Coldest City,” which was adapted by 300’s Kurt Johnstad.

Even though the spy stuff isn’t too confusing, it’s still needlessly complicated which could lose some people if there not paying attention. But, much like Wonder Woman is paving the way for strong female character solo’s films in a superhero focused universe, Atomic Blonde shows that women can deliver just as much excitement to an action thriller spy games type of genre. However, only time will tell if the masses feel the same way I do.

Charlize Theron’s commitment to the role really shows she’s capable of (not that anyone has ever doubted her) holding her own with any top male lead, especial seeing the behind the scene footage of her training. Who knows; maybe one day we’ll see Charlize Theron square off against Keanu Reeves in the most epic fight scene ever!

Atomic Blonde Review
  • 85%
    Michael Gutierrez - 85%


Packed with amazing action sequences, Atomic Blonde is worth seeing.

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