Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman has been a hit for many years now. From the TV series, cartoons, comics, movies and even video games. Watching and reading about the Cape Crusader has entertained millions across the world. To really get a feel of life as Batman, Warner Bros Entertainment places the fan into his boots during the Batman video game series. Based on the DC Comics superhero, the Batman: Arkham Series consisted of Batman: Arkham Alysum (2009), Batman: Arkham City (2011), and the most recent installment Batman: Arkham Origins (2013).

Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of Batman out of all the other DC superheros. He has no super powers, just his intelligence, tools and of course Alfred. I’ve now played all three games in the Batman: Arkham Series and must say they have all been a treat. Each game has progressively gotten better visually and the story-lines continued to entertain.


Batman: Arkham Origins starts off with the criminal gangster known as; Black Mask who escapes Blackgate penitentiary. Prior to his escape, Black Mask executes the Gotham City Police Commissioner. Batman then discovers Black Mask has put out a $50 million bounty on his head and hired 8 assassins for the job. The setting of Batman: Arkham Origins takes place 5 yrs prior to Batman: Arkham Alysum. Bruce Wayne is in his 2nd year as the Cape Crusader realizing the job at hand isn’t as easy as he thought it would be. With new villains on the rise and Gotham City Police unsure of Batman’s true intensions, he not only has a full plate of problems to deal with, but also a worrisome butler named Alfred.

The only Co-op for Batman: Arkham Origins would be playing “Invisible Predator Online” against others. The setting takes place in Blackgate Prison placing the players on different teams. There is a gang war between Bane and Joker which has players teamed up in groups of 3 under each of the supervillians. Then 2 other players use Batman and Robin against the gangs. The objective is to earn points by taking out other gang members or earning intimidation points as Batman and Robin.


The graphics really have advanced over the years visually. With an open world environment there is bound to be errors here and there. For Batman: Arkham Origins, these errors have been minimized but still exist. Just minor details such as overlapping layers in graphics, nothing more. It doesn’t effect the outcome of the game at all. When playing, the player has two options for Batman’s view; Standard Mode and Detective mode. The Detective Mode transforms everything around Batman using sonar like technology. Using this, Batman can hear conversations, see enemies through walls and even identify which guys are carrying firearms. Detective Mode is a love hate relationship for me. It is an awesome tool to use, but I find myself using it 80-90% of the time which takes away from the sweet graphics of Gotham City and it’s backdrop.



Everything transitions well here. The sounds of Batman using his tools are on point and the directions from which talking or gunfire comes is accurate. My favorite here would be the overly increased sound of a punch or kick, just like watching the old classic Batman series.


Batman is entertaining as always. What could be better than taking place as Batman fighting crime lords to save Gotham? There is a ton of content to keep the gamer busy and involved with the story at the same time. While completing the main mission, the player can solve puzzles and unlock gadgets while earning experience points in battles. This game can be difficult at times, but it makes for a good challenge.


  • Plenty of content.
  • Dynamic fighting with cinematic scenes.
  • Challenging, but not too difficult.


  • Minor graphic errors
  • Very similar to previous games in series.

 Style – Single-Player Action/Adventure, Multiplayer

Publisher – Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Developer – Warner Bros. Games Montreal

Release – October 2013


  • 4.5 – Gameplay
  • 3.8 – Graphics
  • 4.0 – Sound
  • 4.0 – Entertainment
  • 3.0 – Replay Value


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Owner/Co-Founder - Review Junkies LLC., Est. June 2013

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