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Battlefield: Hardline – Beta Review

For the first time ever, the Battlefield series is going off the military grid and onto the city streets with Cops vs. Criminals. It’s a huge departure from what we’re used to in the Battlefield series, doing away with the camo, the tanks, and trading them in for windbreakers and police interceptors. Granted this is only the beta for Hardline, but so far it’s on my list of titles to play this year when it’s released in March. I was skeptical, but the change of pace is refreshing for this series of  almost menial updated titles from the previous one.


First Impressions:

It has the recent Battlefield feel to it, gorgeous destructible environments, great objective-based gameplay and well-designed vehicle controls. Not to boast but my more-than-adequate pilot skills transferred over seamlessly from BF4 – making the transition from title to title seem effortless. The weapon upgrading feature has taken a left hand turn and become similar to Counterstrike, playing and obtaining objectives affords you cash that lets you decide what you want to buy for your loadout.

The objectives are one part old, two parts new. In the beta, we were able to play the fan favorite Conquest game mode, large-scale areas with objective points to capture and hold while holding an all-out warfare with vehicles. The two new modes we were able to have a run at were Hotwire and Heist. Hotwire is similar to Conquest large, however your goal is to capture and hold vehicles while traversing the map at speed. This allows the enemy to come up with interesting and intelligent ways of removing you from those objectives. The other is Heist. Heist is what you would expect, infiltrate a vault and extract the package to the helicopter pick up before the police can stop you.

New gadgets have been introduced as well, such as the Zipline. I was in a server where I kept falling under sniper fire from the adjacent skyscraper. While my opponent was under fire from my team, I was able to zipline over without his knowledge and stab him in the back. It’s great for getting to those objective points and secondary vantage points, granted they are lower than you currently for your descent.


I’m incredibly excited to see what else the guys and gals over at Visceral have done to the final product, including more vehicles than you can shake a stick at, and other game modes such as Rescue, Crosshair and more. We’ll be bringing you a full game review in the next month when Battlefield: Hardline releases on March, 17th for all platforms. 

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