Battlefield: Hardline Leaked

What’s up Gamers!?

Hope all of you had a good Memorial Day and weekend, the DG took the holiday off. First off, thank you to all that serve or have served, we appreciate you.

Now, for your gaming news updates.

Some interesting news today came out regarding a new Battlefield in the works. The news was posted by; Koen Vlaswinkel and has not been confirmed. The file was found as Vlaswinkel said he was looking in the source of Battlelog. This is strictly rumor, but if it’s true, we might hear more about its development during E3 next month. The game in question? Battlefield: Hardline.



There are a few images which have been released. Mostly, the pictures don’t show much. Classes discovered in the file found showed; Operator, Mechanic, Enforcer and Professional. Also, two new game modes which are Blood Money and Heist. The basic weapons, attachments, vehicles, badges and unlocks were found as well. It’s assumed the game is being developed by Visceral due to logo images in the file.

So, we can only hope we hear more about this during E3. Tomorrow we’ll bring you more up to date news. Thanks and keep on gaming people!


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