Bioshock Infinite – Burial at Sea: Ep 2

Burial at Sea Episode 2 is the final piece of DLC for the critically acclaimed, Bioshock Infinite, and the final Bioshock installment from Irrational Games. Episode 2 further expands the lore by cleverly linking the events of the original and Infinite, leaving a memorable conclusion that will make you want to play Bioshock 1 one more time.

Continuing past Episode 1’s abrupt ending; Episode 2 begins in a dreamlike version of Paris in the mind of Elizabeth, who is now the player controlled character. I found this particular part interesting because of its – no doubt intentional, similarities to the opening of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Elizabeth roams the streets, greeted by every citizen with a delightful, “Bonjour!” complete with the option to visit a bookstore. This fantasy is quickly interrupted by the realization that Elizabeth is still in the hell of Rapture. It is hear she encounters a familiar character by the name of “Atlas”, where she must carry out his scheme or die.

Instead of the heavy action found in both Infinite and Episode 1, stealth is the main focus of gameplay. Although Elizabeth carries a few lethal weapons, ammo is severely limited and combined with her fragile health bar it’s wise to avoid enemy detection. Stripped of her unique Tear manipulation power, Elizabeth is given new weapons to assist in her stealth approach. The most useful items are the tranquilizer crossbow, and a new plasmid allowing her to see enemies threw walls and turn invisible. I found this new emphasis on stealth to be a refreshing change of pace, although it felt odd equipping Elizabeth with a pistol and shotgun. Engaging in gun fights with her felt out of character considering she engaged in next to no violent activity in the main game.

The environment design is one of my favorite aspects to Episode 2. It becomes apparent Irrational Games put a great deal of thought into every room you can explore in the game. Each area tells a story with tons of little deals scattered around the area. One area consists of a school with Andrew “Ryan the Lion” propaganda engrained in the classes, from lessons on a chalkboard to projection films on display. Another area is a lab with many experimental materials linking Big Daddies to Song Bird and Plasmids to Vigors. I spent a fair amount of time exploring areas just to see what was on display.

I won’t go too much into the story to avoid spoilers. It definitely left a lasting impression on me, but I have a feeling it will leave mixed opinions. However, I loved the attempt of linking the first Bioshock with Infinite, which left an already complex world with even more details to analyze and discuss.


Burial at Sea: Ep 2 is just good as any other Bioshock. Details in the environment are what stand out.



Plenty of new audio logs with familiar characters that will flesh out the story. Quality voice acting brings each character to life.


Burial at Sea: Episode 2 is a solid DLC. Off-hand I can’t recall, but Episode 2 felt a little longer than Episode 1, this may be due to the slower style of gameplay. If you bought the $20 season pass, Episode 1 and 2 combined were well worth the money. Even without the season pass, I’d still recommend purchasing them, especially if you’re a fan of the Rapture setting or Bioshock in general.


  • Detailed environments
  • Focus on stealth is a welcomed change of pace
  • Adds major plot points to overall story


  • Combat with Elizabeth feels out of character
  • Conclusion could be a turnoff for some


Style – Single-player, First-person Shooter

Developer – Irrational Games

Publisher – 2K Games

Release – March 2014


  • 4.5 – Gameplay
  • 5.0 – Graphics
  • 5.0 – Sound
  • 4.5 – Entertainment
  • 2.0 – Replay Value



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