Bioshock Infinite: RJ Game Of The Year

With a game that everyone forgot about because it was released at the beginning of the year, we sure did not forget about it. Bioshock Infinite is one the best games I have played since I have started playing games. The graphics were amazing, the story being superb and two main characters you could fall in love with, that is why we have chosen it to be our Game of the Year.


Not too many people were thrilled with the announcement of this game following Bioshock 2 and how bad it was launched. Irrational Games made up for the game with the release of this one. It was steampunkish and I was kinda skeptical about that but, I was wrong being skeptical. Ken Levine was a genius in creating this game, the characters and making the graphics the way they were.


I asked some of the writers for a quote about the game and this is what they said:

“A fantastic finish to the Bioshock series.”
Jake Grunwald

“The level of quality, complexity, and thought put into the game showcases how far video games have come in the past 30 plus years.”
Ryan Koceski

“A story unlike no other. A video game whose story captivates more than a feature film.”
Matthew Koceski

“A beautifully crafted final installment to one of the most acclaimed franchises in video game history, Bioshock Infinite leaves you breathless.”
Nicholas Black

With 2013 coming to a close, it was a amazing year for gaming and with the launch of two new consoles, the possibilities are endless for 2014. Everyone have a Happy New Year and keep gaming.


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