Blockers Review

I have to say, I am so disappointed with the humor in this movie! I was avoiding trailers to make sure I was not going to get the best scenes during a 2-minute trailer and sadly, it appears that is what happened.

The Pact

The theme in the movie is a little overdone; they kept up with the times. HOWEVER, it was a predictable plot and thus, it didn’t do anything for me. This is definitely NOT the funniest movie this year. I feel bad saying this because the cast was a funny bunch. There were some good things about this movie though, let’s start with the parents! They were actually concerned with their children’s well-being. Many of the teen movies I have watched, I always wondered “WHERE THE HECK ARE THE PARENTS!?” Perhaps they were always there, we just didn’t see them.

The young ladies (Kathryn Newton, Geraldine Viswanathan, and Gideon Adlon) all did an excellent job with their acting, I can’t say too much about John Cena; bless his heart, I just can’t get over watching him on the WWE.  Although, he did a good job, he may had made the movie, had it not been for him it may not have been a funny movie.


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