BvS Logo, Jurassic World Plot Spoilers, Something From Ryan Gosling Is Also Rotten

Well Film Fans, I wish this post were under better circumstances.

Snyder & Co. released the logo and title for Batman vs. Superman and well, Its a bit odd. Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice


I..ugh. Sounds like a small claims court battle. And clearly the subtitle means that they’re going straight into Justice League after this movie. There is a silver lining however, Chris Terrio who won an Oscar for writing Argo.


According to IBTimes, Jurassic World plot spoilers have been revealed. Reminder: THESE ARE SPOILERS.

“In the two plus decades, the staff has apparently gotten complete control over the park, thanks in part to Chris Pratt’s character training many of the dinosaurs. In an effort to make the park even more popular, however, the scientists allegedly decide to splice the dino DNA from a T Rex with a raptor, a snake and a cuttlefish.”

So two decades after the events of the first movie, Chris Pratt creates a super dinosaur that terrorizes the island and the “good guy” T-Rex’s and Raptors. As long as we get Pratt riding a T-Rex in a saddle, I’m happy.


Early buzz out of Cannes Film Festival is Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, Lost River is being panned by critics. So much so that WB is looking for buyers, which doesn’t bode well for Gosling and crew. Not Ryan’s first flop as critics slammed his sophomore film with Nicolas Winding Refn, Only God Forgives.


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