Call of Duty: Elite, 3DS Birthday and Watch Dogs Release date?

Today in the Daily Gamer I will be talking about Call of Duty Elite, the birthday of the 3DS, the new League of Legends Champ and maybe a Watch Dogs release date. It was a slow day in video game news but I still will bring you some good information!


This Friday, the Call of Duty: Elite service will be shut down for good. In two years it has a 10 million registered members and 2 million more that actually paid for the service. If anyone forgot, the subscription was $50 a year. It was then made free when Black Ops 2 was released. Now if you have logged into the service since Jan. 1st, you will be granted two hours of double xp on Ghosts. So long Call of Duty: Elite.

Ubisoft kind of announced a release date today for the very anticipated Watch Dogs. They “officially” dated Watch Dogs for release between the months of April and June this year. This is for the Xbox One, PS4, PC, 360 and PS3. The Wii U version will be having a slight delay. I expect another announcement from Ubisoft with an exact date very soon.


The very popular League of Legends game is receiving another champion for its game. Vel’Koz, a creature from the void is due for release very soon. Riot has released his champion spotlight video on Youtube and normally the release of the champion is right after the video is released.


With the return of the Trials series, we have Trials Fusion. Due for release on April 16th, another rage induced game is on it’s way to tempt you to break your controllers. It will be released on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC and for the first time on the Playstation 4. It is the first appearance on any Sony software. It will be offered digitally for $20 or you can purchase a physical copy for $40. The physical copy includes the game and a season pasI wanted to end this edition of the Daily Gamer wishing the 3DS a very Happy Birthday. The 3DS turned three today and still is one of the best selling consoles that seems like its not going to slow down either. Have a good day my fellow gamers!

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