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Asus ZenBook UX305

Asus struck a nerve when it initially released the ZenBook UX305 in 2015, particularly with MacBook Air fans jaded by Apple’s lackluster refresh of its most affordable laptop. However, the Asus ZenBook UX305 also reigned … Read More »

OnePlus 6T

Launching two phones in a mere difference of six months is not an easy move, especially for a company that sets a benchmark with their first device. Even though it seems like there can’t be … Read More »

Mekamon V2

It’s less than a year since we reviewed the first iteration of Mekamon – a spider-like robot designed to battle others of its kind, or virtual enemies in augmented reality via a smartphone app. Think … Read More »


In a world that seems to be always connected, it’s easy for companies to become complacent in their use of technology, falling behind along the way. Take the desk phone, for example, an ageing concept … Read More »

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