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The Consumer Electronic Show decended upon Las Vegas again for yet another year at the Las Vegas Convention Center and other places/hotels throughout the valley. I have had the privilege of going to this show for the past 10 years and it is honestly something I look forward to every year. It is a full week of the lastest and greatest from the technology giants such as Intel and Nvidia. The show also expands to technology inside of cars, TV and homes. There are many things that come out of this show and here in this review I’ll just give a brief rundown of the tech that is on the horizon for 2015. Kind of a Reader’s Digest version if you know what I mean…




I’ll start with one of the best announcement from CES 2015, IMO.  This comes from dish network and is intended for “cord cutters.”  For 20 dollars a month, Dish will offer you the opportunity to view live TV from major networks such as ESPN,  TRAVEL, TBS, FOOD, ABC FAMILY, DISNEY, DIY and a few others.  There is NO commitment and NO contract required….You do not have to have any of their other services…They will also allow you to watch anything from 3 days prior kind of like a DVR without it taking up storage on your device.  They will stream to Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, Nexus Player and Roku.  Sorry Apple TV you are left out in the cold like most times…better luck next time..Time to cut the expensive cable cord and get one of these bad boys…This launches January 2015!

samsung Tizen

Samsung came out swinging with Tizen coming to their TV’s this year. This is much like LG’s move last year moving to WebOS. The new interface seems clean and responsive, but I’ll reserve judgement until I get to see it in the Wild!  I think if too many TV manufacturers go with their own “OS” it is just going to confuse the masses and have customers side with one side or the other.  They also announced new washers/dryers. They have new dishwashers and refrigerators on the horizon.

Samsung didn’t announce the S6 at the event but they showcased the Galaxy gear, tablets, notebooks and computers on the horizon.  All with the new Broadwell chips in them promising longer battery life and better processing speeds.

LG had much to do about curved displays…along with everyone else…but I really enjoy their WebOS on their TVs’.   They announced WebOS 2.0 coming to set tops very soon.  These are packed with new advertisement space paid for by local retailers to put ads on your TV.  I’m not too keen on this as I see enough adds on the internet and my phone….why put more adds into the mix.   LG has a new technology on the horizon called nano LED.  It does look amazingly crisp BUT VERY EXPENSIVE!, as is always the case with new technology.  I’ll wait a good 5 years before eremotelgver buying one of them.   I do personally have an LG TV with WebOS and can say that it still runs well out in the wild though I do miss my dedicated Amazon and Netflix buttons from my Vizio.  LG is very proud of their “magic remote.”  A sales rep. told me that the 2015 magic remotes won’t be compatible with prior year tvs.  This is sad because the new remote looks more like a universal remote and has more functions built in than the prior models.  They also announced new washers/dryers. They have new dishwashers and refrigerators on the horizon.

LG did show off it’s G3 smartphone, which I have to admit is VERY nice and runs well.  I do wish that these manufactures would stick with a pure Android style and keep the software the same because one can become lost moving from one android device to another.  Much like my complaint about the new direction of Televisions.

Sony’s presence at the show was felt by the quarter of the show room floor that they occupied with all of their new gadgets.  The Sony booth consisted of 4K projectors and razor thin OLED 4K HDTV’s.  They had a specific spot for Playstation where multiple people were gaming on their Playstation 4 @1080p on a 4k TV and many were gaming on the Sony TV and portable players which pretty much sling the signal from the Playstation 4 to the other devices.  I again must reserve judgement on this until I have it in the wild.

Sony showcased their new and upcoming phones that will be able to stream your content from PS4 to your phone but only within your own WIFI network at the current time.

Changhong has been gaining popularity in the last year with consumers as it is pretty inexpensive for a 4k HDTV.  They displayed the same technology as other manufactures however they were lacking something huge…..APPS!  No Netflix, HULU, VUDU or Amazon.  So if you just want a good 4K TV an already have a set-top or device to connect it to this may be your best route.   I personally love the built in apps and support for other content…especially because Netflix and Amazon have started streaming in 4K and even 3D if your built in TV apps supports it.

There were other displays form Hinese and smaller manufactures however nothing stood out in their booth apart from the pack.



Intel had a huge portion of the floor which was dedicated to wearables with Intel inside, laptops with their new Broadwell chip inside and their demo booth demonstrating motion technology.  This has been Intel’s MO for the last few years with no fruits from this technology appearing on the market.  One of the best items to see at CES was the HP Sprout at the Intel booth featuring the 3D scanner and touchscreen run off of Intel’s core i7 chip. 446577-hp-sprout

Dell XPS 13 was showcased at the event featuring an edge to edge display but in an 11 inch laptop’s body. Pretty nice if you ask me.  Significantly lighter than any other ’13 inch’ laptop and just as powerful.  The display was defiantly something to goc at.

Also on display were their new NUC computers. These palm sized computers included new models from HP, Gigabyte and their own featuring the new Broadwell processors which is only supposed to increase the power of the machine over last years’ model by 8%.  I’ll probably pass on those EXPENSIVE tiny computers…

CaptureAs part of the tiny computer market is the new dongle they released for the TV which just plugs into your HDMI port.  While small little thing don’t expect very big things from it…

AMD had a booth setup that was small and didn’t appear to be able to compete with Intel on many many levels.  They had new processors and graphics card sure..but they were missing the processing power that is found inside of the Intel’s chips at the present time.  Many people like AMD because of the “bang for the buck” I personally would rather spend a few more dollars for a great product that will last through the years without overheating.

Car Audio;

While not spending much time in car audio I am pretty excited about the tech that is coming from the show.  Mainly from a manufacture known as Parrot.  Why so excited about tech from this company….??? because it is cross platform.  Parrot double din car audio will work with both Android and Apple car audio.  This company has manufactured parts for other people and manufactures for years and they are just finally coming to the front lines.

This about wrapps up coverage of the CES 2015 event.  Stay tuned to Review Junkies for more technology news!


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