Coco Review

Let’s just get this out of the way, COCO made me cry! Thanks again Disney! We have long been waiting for Disney and Pixar’s Coco! It’s ethnic and fun!

The story is well written, it was a thriller! Can you imagine? I loved the character of Miguel (played by Anthony Gonzalez). He is so endearing! He gave me hope that I too could be whatever I wanted! I went to see this film with my adult friend and my 11-year-old nephew. It definitely has some adult content that I don’t know how comfortable I am with an 11-year-old being exposed to. However, it was no different than that of Lion King.

The film focused on family and the importance of unity. Miguel’s abuelita (played by Renne Victor) was also a big hit in my book! She definitely has the charisma of my grandmother with “the chancla”; I still laugh in remembering this scene! Also, before I forget the music score was catchy.

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