Deadpool is a character in the comics who has been know to break the fourth wall, talk to the reader, and just in general be a very funny and entertaining character to read about. This translates very well into game form, as he will at times talk to the player while the game moves on. He is not really interested in the story of his own game and makes this very clear as it goes on. Instead, all he cares about is getting revenge on the guy who ruined a contract for him. The very beginning of this game made me laugh more than once. Just by playing around with the stuff throughout his apartment, and it continued as I went through the story.

Combat plays out similar to a third person shooter and Devil May Cry or God of War swordplay style. The shooting in the game can be fickle. At times it can be hard to adjust from the swordplay, to having a crosshair and shooting like any other third person shooter. Hiding behind cover and shooting seems to work well. The sword fighting is a simple two button style, one does heavy and the other does light, mix and match till your hearts in content. You do have times where you can do a counter to the enemy if you press a button in time. The last part of the fighting is the teleport move that he is able to do. Teleport is the evade move of the game, and it only works great every once in a while. Sometimes it can be during a mid combo and he wont want to teleport.

The story in pretty much as you’d expect, go here kill him while his army of minions standing in your way. I found the game to be very enjoyable and is worth at least a rental or a buying once the price drops, even though it came out at $49.99 in the US.


Graphics are very well done, everything has that comic book appeal.



Deadpool is not much in the way of music. If there is, it is hidden behind the constant talking of Deadpool.


Worth a rental at least, tons of humor throughout as Deadpool is one of the most entertaining characters to read in the comics and it translates well into the game.


  • Very interesting and a funny main character
  • Fast paced combat
  • Simple controls


  • The teleport evade move doesn’t always work as intended
  • To increase difficulty later in the game, they swarm you with enemies
  • Shooting mechanics are mediocre at best

Style – 1 player action

Publisher – Activision

Developer – High Moon Studios

Release – June 2013


  • 4.5 – Gameplay
  • 4.8 – Graphics
  • 3.0 – Sound
  • 4.0 – Entertainment
  • 2.5 – Replay Value


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