Deliver Us From Evil – Review

A baffled Sarchie (ERIC BANA) studies the bizarre words and symbols on Jimmy's (Chris Coy) wall...and hears some strange sounds from beyond the wall as well.

I going  to keep this review short and sweet. First off,  I love scary movies! I thrive at the chance to go watch them; critique them on the writer’s originality and then see if I can get either scared or bored with my predictions of the next scene. This film was scary, funny, and creepy, which makes for the perfect movie, wouldn’t you say?


The film focuses around the serious Lt. Ralph Sarchie (Eric Bana mostly recognized from HULK 2003) and his police career. He encounters a slur of coincidences on the same week and must make it his personal victory to eliminate the current perpetrator. On the other hand, Sarchie’s partner, “Butler” (Joel McHale – thinking or smelling guy from What’s Your Number) has a witty personality that helps balance the duo.


Throughout the course of the film there were times where I had to hide behind my hands and I even heard a lady say “I’m too old for this”. There is something to be said for a movie that can make me yell, and this movie did it!


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