Destiny – Review

Destiny, the newest epic from Halo Developer Bungie, was recently released on September 9, 2014. Being a huge fan of the Halo franchise, I couldn’t wait to experience Destiny. I can always count on Bungie to develop a game that I thoroughly enjoy, with smooth game play, awesome soundtrack and beautiful graphics. Not to mention the hours of entertainment and fun with online friends. I knew Destiny was going to be different than Halo; different than any game I played before. I began Destiny with an open mind and Bungie did not disappoint. Here’s why:

The moment Destiny begins you are faced with the start of many choices this game provides. You must choose your character attributes, features and class. The three basic characters, called Guardians, to choose from are; Titan, Warlock and Hunter. Each Guardian is designed to play to the strengths of the individual players gaming style. So choose wisely. I chose Warlock, and with many different customizations for this class I spent a decent amount of time designing my Guardian.

As the story began I found myself on the Tower, which is the Guardians safe haven, a place they can purchase new equipment, weapons, armor, even bounties for special missions to increase various ranks. As I progressed through the game, my Guardian took me to Orbit, where I can access a Galaxy Map to choose my next destination. In the beginning, destinations are limited to rank and skill but more options open up as your Guardian progresses. You can choose Story Missions, Strike Missions and Patrol Missions and the Guardian’s rank, equipment and attributes will increase regardless of what destination you choose or how many times you play it. So have fun and play what you like. Destiny is a very social game and for this reason you may not follow a linear path in the story. Playing with friends who may be slightly higher in rank could take you to  advanced moments in the story and even battle slightly tougher enemies.  Prepare for your Guardian to die and re-spawn…a lot.

Once you reach Level 5 in your rank, you will unlock the Player vs. Player (Matchmaking) destinations known as The Crucible. Your Guardian’s rank will determine what is unlocked for you in The Crucible, but you will find The Crucible offers Objective type games as well as Death Matches. Undoubtedly, you will be thrown into a match with players who have weapons and armor that far outweigh your own, which, if you’re  like me, will entice you to finish the story, complete bounties and play many Strike missions in hopes of being rewarded with upgraded armor and weapons or even getting the coveted rare random orb drop from a fallen enemy. If you’re lucky you can get some great gear that you would otherwise have to purchase with special currency and slow building Vanguard Marks and Crucible Marks.

In the world of Destiny always be on the look out for special events in the Galaxy Destinations that will test your skill, your teamwork and your patience. Completing these will typically reward you with Legendary or Exotic equipment that can boost your Guardian’s rank. Also, keep an eye open for strange visitors in the Tower who offer great upgraded equipment….for a price.



The graphics in Destiny are fantastic and the best I have personally seen. I think all the worlds are amazing and intricate but what stood out to me and my personal favorite is the perfection in the water. It’s beautiful and responds to the Guardians movement through it.




I wish I had surround sound! The soundtrack is amazing and just what you would expect from Bungie. Unfortunately I am running stock television stereo, even so, the voice overs were strong, Character sounds are solid and of course the Online Chat was clear.


Destiny is a fantastic game that appears to have room to grow through Downloadable Content and is designed to have continual re-playability.  If you enjoy Massively Multiplayer Online games as well as First Person Shooters you have to check out Destiny.

Style – Single-player, MMO 

Publisher – Activision

Developer – Bungie

Release – September 2014

  • 4.0 – Gameplay
  • 4.0 – Graphics
  • 4.0 – Sound
  • 4.0 – Entertainment
  • 3.5 – Replay Value


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