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mlb 2k13

With the 2013 Major League Baseball season here, 2K Sports presents another MLB Baseball game. MLB 2K13 hit Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles on March 5. The game was suppose to deliver hours of baseball action any MLB fan would enjoy, but simply came up short of a no-hitter in the 9th inning. The 2013 version of this game mirrors its recent 2012 copy. In fact, aside from the updated menu look, current rosters and poorly picked sound track, you might have thought you were playing MLB2K12. As a huge baseball fan, I had high hopes this game would live up to the MLB name. There were many issues the creators overlooked with this release.

Overall, the game has a decent entertainment value. The Franchise, Postseason, Homerun Derby and My Player Modes are all back. In my opinion, My Player mode will keep you involved better than the others. Working your way up through the farm system, will have you striving to improve your players abilities and stats. However, if you struggle, don’t expect your team to win the game for you. Not much has changed in this mode from it’s 2012 version. In fact, there are several disappointments you will notice. Some of your favorite MLB stars are missing when selecting your preferred batting stance.

During gameplay, there are actions the players make which can be very frustrating. Attempting to rob a homerun or throwing a runner out trying to tag is nearly impossible. Almost always, the player catches the ball awkwardly in the outfield. After making a third out in the outfield and throwing the ball in, the ball will fly by the infielder’s head into the dugout. Sometimes baserunner’s will freeze in the middle of the base path or return when you don’t prompt them too. These are just a few of the problems with the game that were not patched.

Total control pitching is one of the best features the game has to offer. Pitching is not too easy, but hard enough to reward you when successful. The ‘Pitch Track’ feature is still one of the best things added to the game in 2012 and returns this year. Being able to analyze how you pitched to a batter previously is really helpful. You don’t want to go fastball inside if guy just hit it over the wall his last at-bat. Pitching is probably the most entertaining position in all of the game modes.


The graphics aren’t spot on and you will notice it. The detail in players can be improved, along with the stadiums and fans. The menu is visually appealing with sharp images of MLB stars, but I personally prefer better graphic while playing.


The game has decent songs in the menu. Like most announcers on sports games, they are mostly cheesy and redundant. MLB 2K13 doesn’t stray far from that. The sound  from the crack of the bat hitting the ball and when a fielder catches it in his glove is clean. As for the crowd, it is the same as always.


It seems as if makers of the game only wanted to earn another buck, instead of fine tuning the game. I strongly recommend to you not buying the 2013 version. Just go pick up last years game to save money or even pick up MLB: The Show if you own Playstation. There has been talk of this being the last 2K release for MLB, but only time will tell. Maybe in the future they will improve the issues, but until then, don’t bother with buying this.


  • Pitching is challenging and rewarding.
  • Moderate replay value.
  • Offers wide variety of game modes.


  • Same issues as previous version.
  • Poor graphics.
  • Lack in number of co-op players.

Style – 1 Player/2 Player co-op, Sport

Publisher – 2K Sports

Developer – Visual Concepts

Release – March 2013


  • 2.0 – Gameplay
  • 2.0 – Graphics
  • 2.5 – Sound
  • 3.0 – Entertainment
  • 3.0 – Replay Value


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