Elder Scrolls Online (Beta)

Let me start by saying this is not a review and is more of a general impression I got when playing last weekend. I really enjoyed everything about the game while playing, so my general impression is positive about the title. There were some kinks, but I expected there to be a few as the game is still in the beta phase. I only had one fatal error that caused my game to crash and it was when I was logging off to quit anyway. I will also note, I am a huge fan of all the Elder Scrolls titles, so my opinion might be a bit biased. Take it with a grain of salt and try to interpret how you, yourself would enjoy it. I will try to name all the things I enjoyed and all the things I didn’t like to give a general idea.

The create a character customization is numerous and allows you to make your character, yours. It is not a simple click here to change to face 1, 2 or 3, but more in depth similar to the parent titles. During this time you can pick one of the four classes, I had only tried two of the four before the time ran out, but it appears as if all characters can use any weapon effectively. I enjoyed the way in which you progress skill wise as well. When you use a sword and shield you get levels in that skill tree, which in turn gives you the ability to unlock abilities within that tree. The same goes for using heavy armor and class skills. While exploring you can find items called skyshards, once you find 3 of these you unlock a skill point.

Questing is about the same as it is in all other MMOs, you pick up a main quest line you follow and have side quests along the way. Side quests are vary but go from finding this object that is scattered around the world, dwemer gears are an example, to go kill a creature. The main quest is what has most of the draw, but I did not get too far. I found the main line for my Breton to be interesting as I played and listened to the story. After you finish the tutorial area, and start in the actually world, the area feels very large. Moving from quest to quest takes time and sometimes requires a few minutes of a good run. The quests seemed to be spread out a lot. The quests cover the entire island, but each area only had one or two quests to do there before you moved to the next.

Combat has to be one of my favorite things about the game so far, I enjoy the active combat system. Blocking a heavy attack leaving the attacker dazed, smash them with a heavy attack of your own and knocking them to the ground. This makes combat more interesting in my opinion. It feels as if you are more in control of the character you are playing. I tried a few of the different styles, but mainly played with the sword and shield skill tree. I can not speak for how the  other two staff or the bow skill trees play like.


The best graphics I have seen on an MMO to date, this is obvious since it is the newest, however they are on par with Skyrim itself since the last beta invite I had.



Overall the sound is the same as it was in all the other titles, the music is reminiscent of all the old titles as well.


Combat by far is the best thing this game has going for it, it allows for more skill based play instead of having better gear to carry you.


  • Great Graphics
  • Entertaining Combat
  • Lore Heavy Story and Quests


  • Lots of Lore
  • Vastly Different from Parent Titles

Style – Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game

Publisher – Bethesda Softworks

Developer – ZeniMax Online Studios

Release – April 2014


  • 4.0 – Gameplay
  • 4.0 – Graphics
  • 3.0 – Sound
  • 5.0 – Entertainment
  • 5.0 – Replay Value


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