Europa Report



“Compared to the knowledge you will know, what does your life actually matter?”  This line sums up this sci-fi flick, Europa Report, released digitally on June 26th and releases into theaters in August. This movie is important to sci-fi, because it shows with a minimal budget and great script, the genre has a strong leg to stand on.



Others are calling this a slow-paced space thriller, but I beg to differ. The pacing is spot on for what the film is, especially for being filmed in a found footage documentary. The framework for Europa Report takes place in the “present day,” after the mission was completed, as it were, and the thousands of hours of footage previously thought lost are compiled and edited together to create the central narrative. After discovering water on Europa in 2013, scientists decide to take a manned mission to Jupiter’s fourth moon. Shortly after, the crew is plagued with disaster in panic-driven suspense, and to add to the chaos, the way the film is edited makes for an eerie flick.


The only thing I found jolting about Europa Report was it jumps around the time frame. It’s very early on you realize someone has died, even though they don’t actually die until much later in the film, and then it jumps forward in time again. Yes, there are constant time-stamps alerting viewers to when things are going on, but the back-and-forth completely took me away from thinking of this as documentary evidence. In this day and age movies, it’s a refreshing look at what is great, original sci-fi, the likes which we haven’t seen since Moon in 2009.


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