Fuse is fun game for the most part. I have tried my best to solider through the game alone but just is not the same without a few friends to enjoy it with. The basic idea behind the game is each character finds a unique weapon that has fun abilities to play with. I found myself playing as either Naya or Izzy the entire time. I tried the other characters, but just did not enjoy the style of play associated with them. When I was playing co-op as Izzy, it made healing a bit easier.

When playing through the first few chapters alone, whenever I would die and need to be revived my companions would run into the open and stop me from crawling to cover only to be shot and killed themselves. Eventually, this would lead into a game over and restarting at a checkpoint, so when you play this game alone remember you are alone.

My friend finally was able to join me for the co-op game and picked up quite a bit. It was made to played co-op and having 4 people made the game so much better. You can do combos with the “xenotech” weapons that are unique to each character causing explosions or allowing you to shoot while moving forward with the use of the shield weapon. If you happen to run out of ammo with this weapons, you have a backup weapon which you can pick up off enemies ranging from a shotgun to sniper rifle. Most of these weapon pale in comparison to creating a black hole in a enemy or turning them into crystals, stunning them out in the open temporarily.

Overall this is a good game to play with friends, but a boring story and characters just means you have to enjoy the other aspects of the game for this one to really stick.


Graphic were decent, but not the worse I have seen.


The voice acting or script for each character suits at least one standard stereotype, other than that nothing stands out as bad or amazing.


A fun game with friends,  but can be a drag alone. Worth a weekend rental or for reduced price further down the road.


  • Great fun with friends
  • Vastly differently play styles for each character
  • Fairly challenging


  • Made to be played coop
  • Boring story line
  • Horrible AI companions

Style – 1 to 4 FPS/RPG Hybrid

Publisher – EA

Developer – Insomniac Games

Release – May 2013


  • 4.0 – Gameplay
  • 3.5 – Graphics
  • 3.0 – Sound
  • 3.0 – Entertainment
  • 3.5 – Replay Value


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