GameStop Expo – 2016

Greetings from sunny California where the 2016 GameStop Expo has just concluded. In this brief rundown of the show I’ll share some pictures, videos and some news we received on some exciting upcoming releases.  So, without further hesitation I bring you the Game Stop Expo!


As soon as we walked in the door we were greeted by an huge Playstation booth.  Of course at this booth, as expected, were a bunch of Playstation 4 consoles including the newest released slim version.  They were loaded up with the latest games including NBA 2k 17 and Uncharted.  A big emphasis this year was on VR,  also known as, Project Morpheus.  Project Morpheus was popular which was apparent from the very long lines to get a headset on.  It still has you holding the same two colorful control sticks that was seen with the Playstation Eye hardware package from back in the day.  While many may be fans of the VR environment, I for one, am not.  Why you may ask?  It is quite simple really.  The VR scene is lacking the Total Recall effect and everything still appears too cartoonish.  Perhaps if it looked more real I may be inclined to it, but I have yet to see anything from HTC Vive, Samsung or Morpheus that would convince me otherwise.  Playstation was very proud of their Playstation Now service that just launched on the PCs around the world.  I am a big fan of not having to buy a Playstation just to play some exclusives and another perk is NO download time.  It completely streams over the internet, much like Nvidia’s Geforce Now service that has already existed on the PC side for many years.

Many vendors came out in support of the Expo offering many accessories to compliment your gaming experience.  One such vendor, Moga, was on scene with a load of WIRED Xbox controllers.   I chit-chatted with the representative a little bit who told me that all licensed 3rd party controllers must be wired due to Microsoft not releasing the chipset for wireless.  She told me her controllers were better because they had no latency.  I chuckled a bit and went about my way thinking “that’s so 2012” I haven’t had latency on my Xbox wireless controller for a LONG time.


At the Xbox booth there were many “Xbox Exclusives”.  These included Gears of War 4, Deadrising 4, Forza Horizon 3 and ReCore.  These are exclusive to Xbox, however starting with ReCore if you buy it digitally for the Xbox it is yours for free on a Windows 10 machine.  The save states happen inside of the Xbox app and thus if you play on your Xbox and leave on level 2 you can pick it up on your Windows 10 PC on level 2 right where you left off.  I found this pretty fascinating and love the idea of cross platform play-ability.  I sat down in the drivers seat of Forza 3 and played the demo they had setup.  The graphics are smooth and amazing!  They are on par with 4K gaming and it looks to be a great competitor.  However, the market is crowded in racing games so they need to bring something new, which other than the rewind function when you crash, I did not see.

Nintendo was at the conference with a small booth, but only had maybe 4 WiiU’s setup playing Paper Mario.  I was very disappointed to not see more from Nintendo, especially with the imminent launch of Nintendo NX system coming soon.

Cross platform upcoming titles included Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, Watch Dogs 2 and additional levels added to Lego Dimensions.

Our most anticipated games of 2016 are on deck for this holiday season.  Stay tuned right here to Review Junkies to get the latest and greatest in tech, movies and game reviews!


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