GOG Gaming tells Valve’s Steam to “Put Up Their Dukes”! – News


As the console battles heat up between long time rivals Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, another player has stepped into the PC gaming atmosphere and promised DRM-free gaming. The folks over at GOG.com have been in business for quite some time but now they are making a stand-alone client for your computer to manage your games in what they call GOG Galaxy.

GOG.com has sold millions of games and is now stepping up to Valve’s Steam telling them to put up their dukes. According to GOG Galaxy they are promising a DRM free service which means that the gamer will not be locked into any specific client or platform. GOG states that the gamer can play online or offline. They also said that if you don’t want to update your game to the latest version that you won’t be forced to do so. I, for one, has always said that competition is good for business and consumers and I stand by that statement but GOG has a lot of ground to cover to compete against long time major hitter Valve. I received my invitation to try GOG’s Galaxy and I can tell you it’s a smooth experience. I still have a lot more testing to do but from preliminary tests it worked well. On the older games that it did offer it automatically launched a dos-box emulator to run it. The emulator worked well and the game ran flawlessly. Now I may be one of the unique PC gamers that hook up my Xbox 360 wireless controller to my computer which runs my main TV in the living room and I usually game in Steam’s Big Picture Mode. GOG left a lot to be desired in this mode as they are mainly looking for mouse and keyboard support.

Steam is constantly improving it’s interface and I absolutely LOVE that I can go anywhere in the world, log into any PC/Mac/Linux computer and have all of my achievements and the current level saved into their Steam Cloud and I don’t have to worry about carting around my own laptop. This is where I believe Steam has the upper hand over GOG Galaxy.


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