Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Im going to be honest here, Far Cry: Blood Dragon might be the greatest game I’ve ever played. Does it have cutting edge graphics? Nope. Insanely great gameplay? Far from. Incredible enemy AI? Lol, good Gods no. Far Cry: Blood Dragon is a love letter to the 80’s, with all of its intentional campiness, cheesy one liners (see below) and era-centric nods to itself (Your sidearm is a replica of Robocop’s Beretta that you can twirl Murphy-style.) Everything you ever loved about the decade wrapped up into one fifteen dollar game.

“I wanna be blinded with your cyber-love.” You are Sgt Rex Power Colt, a cyborg remnant of Vietnam War II voiced by 80’s action star Michael Biehn (Terminator, Aliens).The cyber tech makes you stronger and faster. And more of an asshole. Seriously, a click of the right thumb stick lets you give enemies the finger as you’re blasting their heads off. It takes place in an alternative 2007, where the “apocalypse has had an apocalypse”, and a cyborg army called Omega Force is trying to take over the world by trying to find a bioweapon that is hidden on an island. Rex is on a revenge mission to get his old commanding officer, Col. Ike Sloan, leading Omega Force to victory. As with most open-world games, side missions are abound. Around the maps are garrisons that you have to liberate and within them are mission kiosks that unlock weapon attachments once missions are complete. FC3: Blood Dragon is somewhat short, but for the fifteen dollars you pay for it, its worthy of your time.


“I already have a special lady in my life, doctor. And her name is lady liberty.”


FC3: BD is a standalone game but has the same graphics engine as Far Cry 3. It has a texture overlay of that worthy of any 80’s music video (interlacing included), Expect neon colors galore. Over the course of exploring the world, I only glitched once and got stuck in the ground – forcing me to fast travel back to the nearest liberated garrison.


“Send for a medic … so I can kill him too.”


This game has an incredible soundtrack. Power Glove is a master of 80’s synth sounds and it really shines through in this game. When you enter into battle, the tempo gets faster and harder, like a great 80’s action flick. Its even so good that its worthy of listening to outside of the game.


Between the 16-bit cut scenes and the fantastic killing quips (“Boom! Head Shot”, “dying on the job dip shitter”)I highly recommend it. For fifteen dollars and considering today’s entertainment standards, that price isn’t much for ~8 hours worth of gameplay. With that said this game carries an M rating as it should because jesus, its graphic and colorful. And not in the ways that you’re thinking even though this reviewer has stated that it looks pretty retro.


  • Extremely fun, doesn’t disappoint.
  • Fair price for what its worth.


  • At times feels a little short.
  • AI isn’t all that intelligent.

Style – 1 Player, FPS

Publisher – Ubisoft

Developer – Ubisoft

Release – March 2013


  • 3.6 – Gameplay
  • 4.0 – Graphics
  • 4.5 – Sound
  • 3.8 – Entertainment
  • 3.5 – Replay Value


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