IObit Uninstaller 8 Pro

While hard drives are bigger and cheaper than ever, there's still a strong case for clearing out the software you don’t use. The programs you have installed can have components running in the background that are slowing down your computer, and it's possible that you have been tricked into installed bundled software that you don’t even want. Windows has its own built-in uninstaller, but by turning to a third-party tool you can make life even easier.

IObit Uninstaller 8 Pro offers a number of extra features that not only make it stand apart from Windows' uninstaller, but also make it worth the upgrade from IObit Uninstaller Free. The utility can be used to not only remove the programs you no longer want on your hard drive, but also automatically clean up associated plugins and bundled software – including ad components.

IObit Uninstaller 8 Pro also does a great job of clearing up after inefficient uninstallers that leave software elements behind, and there's a neat software-update feature that helps to ensure that you have the very latest versions of all of the programs you do actually want to keep. Money well-spent indeed – even if the program does still include advertisements for IObit's other products.

User experience

Neatly presented, IObit Uninstaller 8 Pro makes it easy to uninstall a single program or several at once. You can sort apps by their size, how often you use them or by their type, and you can easily identify browser plugins you can banish. Slightly confusing is the way tools are split between the left-hand navigation panel and a button at the top right of the screen, but once you've realised this it's a minor quibble.

However, it's disappointing to find that the Action Center serves merely to advertise other IObit utilities you may not have installed, and special offers are constantly advertised at the bottom of the program window.

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