It Comes at Night

The second feature film from writer-director Trey Edward Shults (The first film being the vertiginous addiction drama Krisha). It Comes at Night puts you in the middle of a disaster that has already happened.  When I first heard of It Comes at Night I was so excited for a horror flick, or so I thought it was going to be horror (based on the title). As I’m watching the film I’m intrigued by the appearance of its low budget, which usually indicates it’s a great story ie: The Purge, The Conjuring and Saw just to name a few. However, It wasn’t til the end that I looked over and asked my husband “wait, so what comes at night”? This movie kind of reminded me of Cloverfield in the sense that the audience is just as lost as the characters are in the film.

Even with the film not explaining anything that’s going on nor answering any questions, like; What’s in the woods? What killed the dog? Was it a plague or war that caused these events? The film is pretty good. It’s definitely a psychological thriller but like I’ve previously stated I feel like there could have been so much more.


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