League of Legends: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


If you play PC games on a regular basis then you will know the name League of Legends. The game itself is the most played PC game with the biggest player base and being the most popular game in the world. As of January 2014, it has 27 million daily active players. Just that number is outrageous because that is daily, there is some people who aren’t able to play everyday, but still consider themselves avid players. E-Sports has taken off as well with the game. It is one of the most competitive games in the E-Sport circuit with people from different countries competing to be number one in the game. This is where I will break down the game for everyone, letting you know how the game is, the community and the dark side of the game. Let this be a side note, I play the game frequently and witness these things happen all the time. Read More »


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