Lone Survivor


Lone Survivor, the story based on real events in Afghanistan about the ambush of a Navy SEALs team and the rescue of Marcus Luttrell who wrote his memoir of the same title. Because Hollywood is Hollywood and things are added to a movie to make it seem larger than life almost every time, Lone Survivor is no different. But what bothers me isn’t this, it’s the “‘Murica is gonna love this movie” attitude that Peter Berg threw at this war film.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this country and am proud of the women and men who fight for it. But ever since The Hurt Locker won best film at the Oscars in 2010, studios have been throwing piles of cash trying to make this year’s gritty war movie (see also Zero Dark Thirty – the story of the capture of Osama Bin Laden) in attempt of nabbing that gold statue.

What made The Hurt Locker so great was the personal story. The struggle of one man’s life outside of war and his inability to cope with life state-side. Director Peter Berg only gave us half of that human side in Lone Survivor‘s first act. The second and mostly third act is filled with the occasional “shit shit” and “oh fuck man” whilst bullets are whizzing by. I will say that the sound editing is fantastic, I haven’t seen editing this good since Black Hawk Down.

Marcus Luttrell played by Mark Wahlberg is the remaining survivor of a SEAL team sent to kill a Taliban leader. Accompanied by fellow team members played by Emile Hirsch, Taylor Kitsch and Ben Foster, the SEALs encounter an ambush and leads to one of the most brutal body-smashing falls down a mountain I’ve ever seen. But of course Hollywood adds more to the story than what actually happened, because well, Hollywood. In the end we’re met with a final battle that doesn’t actually happen and events that never transpired. I’m not surprised really. Most motion picture adaptations rarely stick to the original text. My main issue with Lone Survivor is that it doesn’t play with your heart-strings, it merely acts as a lazy cat that bats at them once or twice and leaves them be.


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