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Mad Max – Review

With the success of the movie Mad Max: Fury Road, WB and Avalanche Studios have teamed up to release Mad Max the video game.  Many have asked what it is like to play Mad Max and my answer to them is Mad Max is much like a Water World, you remember that terrible film in the 90’s with Kevin Costner, but based out of the desert.  The game begins with meeting your companion and “fixit” man, Chum Bucket.  This character accompanies you throughout the game and fixes your car when you get too smashed up.  He also operates the harpoon to bring down enemy towers and will even take out enemy snipers that are shooting at Max.



Mad Max spends the game gathering his money that is called “scrap.”  With the scrap you can upgrade Max, the vehicle you operate and also purchase other vehicles.  I found this game filled disasters waiting around every corner and it has been able to keep my attention for the 66 hours I have invested in it thus far.  I find it fun to beat the sparks off of your enemies with bare fists and then when the situation requires it, steal their weapons and beat them down with that.  Additionally, Max also carries a shotgun that only has 2-3 rounds but in drastic situations is very effective. Max also allows you to use your environment around you to take down your enemies and gain more territory.  One of the ways is to use your gas can, ignite it and then throw it at your enemies taking out war criers and their minions alike.  The main objective of the game is to gain more territory.  This is accomplished by defeating enemies and taking their strongholds and scraps from them by force, if necessary.


Max replenishes his health throughout the game by filling up his canteen and drinking water.  He also eats maggots and such found in the enemy camps.  Inside of the enemy camps you collect scrap, historic relics and defeat all enemies to get 100%.


One of the best graphics engines I have found in a game has been with Mad Max.  They are very polished and seem to flow nicely from driving a vehicle in the dust and sand to combating endless armies of enemies with war criers and main bosses that incorporate their environment around to destroy you.



The game’s sound is amazing, especially with the correct surround sound 7.1 system attached.  Sounds of enemy vehicles from convoys come from behind and it really gives the game a sense of depth that isn’t too common with a lot of big blockbuster titles.  I found it well calibrated that when Max turns the sound rotates with him from left to right and back to front.



Mad Max was an unexpected hit with me as I had not seen the movie yet, but I played this title while attending the Game Stop Expo 2015 with Jake Grunwald and was immediately impressed with the graphics and sound.  I still have a long way to go to complete the game, but I give this game high marks being able to keep my attention this long.

Style – Single-player/Multiplayer

Publisher – WB Games

Developer – Avalanche Studios

Release – August  2015

JUNKIE SCORES mad_max_game

  • 4.0 – Gameplay
  • 4.5 – Graphics
  • 4.5  – Sound
  • 4.5 – Entertainment
  • 4.0 – Replay Value
  • Corey Staheli

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