Microsoft announces Windows 10 release date – 3 reasons to wait for that upgrade! – News

Microsoft has killed the rumor mill that was set off a few days ago by leaking the software giant’s new Windows 10 OS ahead of schedule.  Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 will be available starting July 29th 2015.   It will be a free upgrade for all of those running legit versions of Windows 7 and 8.  HOWEVER, Before you get all excited about this free upgrade I would caution you that you will loose some of the best apps of Windows.

1.) Windows Media Center disappears for good!  This means no more media options to see DVD’s and Blu-ray’s but most importantly, if you’ve joined the cord cutting club like I have, You’ll no longer be able to setup your DVR options inside of Media Center.  I personally think that Microsoft is making a big mistake here as they have the potential to own the market in a world full of TV streamers such as Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.

2.)  Solitaire and all of those classic card games….also gone.  This one is a kind-a-sort-of thing as you are still able to download the classic card games from the Microsoft store it just doesn’t come preinstalled.   I received complaints that it is not the same as the classic version.  I recall a call that I was on for tech support and the older woman was so mad that Microsoft took away her classic card games and she wanted to return her computer.  This is unfortunate but Microsoft is doing this to keep the size of the operating system down.  I believe they could easily make it an option during installation and please everyone.

3.) Say goodbye to floppy discs FOREVER!   Floppy drive support is dropping off the map completely with this new OS release and really who could blame them.  I don’t even thing the up and coming generation knows what a floppy disc is or the reality that it would take you 4 floppy discs to fit one MP3 song.  Just not practical anymore and I haven’t used one since…oh…2000 MAYBE.

So there you have it, Windows 10 is taking stage and while you get a ton of stability upgrades for free (if you upgrade within a year, other than that it will cost you to do so) you also loose, in my option, some of the greatest options of Windows 7 and 8.  For now, this tech guy will be sticking to Windows 7 Home Premium edition until I can find support for additional software which will include the DVD, Blu-Ray, DVR with commercial cutting abilities and the ability to seamlessly play my library of Movies that have been ripped to a NAS.


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