Microsoft buys Mojang

It’s been rumored for days now but the word is official, Microsoft is buying Mojang, the creative dev team that made Minecraft. For how much you say? 2.5 billion. Yes, billion. That’s a lot of moolah. Founders Notch, Carl and Jakob are leaving Mojang with their funds and leaving it in the capable and incredibly rich hands of Microsoft. Have no fear though, creative director Jeb is staying on with Mojang to continue working on Minecraft and its further updates.

Should we be worried?

I wouldn’t be. 2.5 billion dollars is a lot of cash for Microsoft to screw this up. With millions of fans begging for updates and MS definitely doesn’t want to lose that fan base.

What about the other versions of Minecraft?

According to this press release from Mojang, they will continue to work on all platforms until it is deemed unnecessary by Microsoft in the future.

This is big news for Minecraft and its community, stick with us as we provide you with more updates about Microsoft’s plan for Mincraft.



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