New Batmobile and New Music


Film Fans, first part of a two-part news piece,


Zack Snyder tweeted the above image with the caption, “Could be time to pull the tarp…Tomorrow?”

We’ll bring you whats under that tarp once Snyder shows us. I’m already excited to see this on the big screen, looks like it stuck with the mechanics and practicality of Chris Nolan’s Tumbler with old Batmobile style with the arching tail.

JJ Abrams go-to composer Michael Giacchino has been chosen to write Jurassic World‘s score. Odd flip-flop because JJ Abrams has chosen previous Jurassic Park composer John Williams to score Star Wars VII.

Like I said, stay tuned tomorrow as we’ll bring you the new Baffmobile in full form as soon as it breaks.

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