Next-Gen here we come!

Hey Gamers!

We’ll start with the latest news on Minecraft for the Next-Gen consoles. Latest news came from 4J Studios on Twitter when responding to a fan. The response read. “Working with Sony/Microsoft on world size – not ‘infinite’ due to save size limits, but a lot bigger than PS3/Xbox 360.”  This news followed the recent information about being able to transfer saved filed from the old systems to the Next-Gen. I know many fans are trying to patiently wait, but I for one am excited and looking forward to playing. So far there is no set release date, but Sony did mention retail version will be able by September. As for Xbox One version, it should be released just before PS4.

In other gaming news, Mario Kart 8 is getting great reviews after it’s recent release. It has been mentioned as “the best in the series” and “best fun racer”.


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