Noah – Review

At first glance I thought Noah would be the same movie I had seen for years, but as soon as you start reciting the bible scriptures you figure out it doesn’t follow the same manuscript. This movie is definitely a personal venture and with that said, I will solely pass my judgment on the visual and acting aspects of the film.

This version of Noah certainly takes a different approach toward what could have happened just before God destroyed the world for the first time (if you believe in that). The cast, cinematography, special effects, acting, etc. are all state of the art. The film’s lead role is played by Russell Crowe whom I never expect anything less from since the first film I saw him in, A Beautiful Mind. Personally I think he did a great job portraying Noah, the internal struggles with himself and following the path of God (referred to as “The Creator” in the movie) were heart felt and believable.

Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly
Anthony Hopkins, Emma Watson and Jennifer Connolly provide many of the film’s moving moments — scenes of heart and humility. The acting is of the first rank, as you’d expect from a cast with three Oscar winners and some of the brightest rising stars within the film. Let’s not forget Tubal-Cain who is a creature of pure appetite and is described in Genesis as “the forger of all instruments of bronze and iron,”. Ray Winstone, plays this sort of super-macho, mixed with raging bull character better than anybody.

Allegedly, this film was based on a few versions of the story of “Noah” and unfortunately, Director Darren Aronofsky seemed unable to make a decision about which book ‘Noah’ should had been, so he just made a weird mash-up of concepts that never really reach their destination.


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