Pacific Rim Uprising Review

One of biggest difference between “Pacific Rim” and its new sequel can be summed up in one word: expectations. When Guillermo del Toro’s original came out in July 2013, people were expecting something special. Yet, unlike his other directorial accomplishments he failed to deliver. However, some people loved the idea so much it became a blockbuster hit causing the powers that be in the industry to hurry and crank out another one.

Pacific Rim Uprising is another loud, ridiculous, unnecessary film of the year about giant robots fighting massive monsters from an interdenominational portal under the ocean.  The generic and diverting sequel attempts to corrects some of the original’s biggest mistakes while highlighting some of its more eccentric charms by dropping us into a world that’s not much richer than the previous film. The undoubtedly vague story is merely an excuse for violence, and mayhem, presumably intended to engage audiences. But the film is so unbelievably soulless in its approach that it’s more likely to bore.


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