Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

When someone mentions Plants vs Zombies, most would assume they are referring to the very popular handheld device version of the game. Although similar in details, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is not what you would think. This game is exclusive to the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. PvZ: Garden Warfare features many different types of game modes from single player to online team multiplayer to fulfill your every need.

All of the plants and zombies in PvZ: Garden Warfare make their appearance. However, only four types of plants and four types of zombies are playable at this time. As you blast away zombies or eat away the tasty plants, players earn stars by completing small achievements to improve the characters. Not only can you complete these tasks, but you will also earn spending coins. These coins can be spent on available card packs. The card packs make for an interesting addiction. Depending on your selection, each card pack will give you multiple cards. These cards range from improving the characters weapons and abilities, to special customizations. Having the ability to purchase card packs with the in-game coins makes you wants to play more and more to earn better things. I found myself more often than not, saving my coins to purchase the most expensive card packs due to the rewards being greater.

As for the different types of game modes included, players have the option to select one cooperative mode or three multiplayer modes. These modes are; Garden Ops, Team Vanquish, Gardens and Graveyards, Gnome Bomb or you can even play a Mixed. Garden Ops is a cooperative mode where four players team up as plants and battle ten waves of zombies. The waves get stronger and include bosses. The team must hold down the fort and protect their garden. This mode is great for learning the different skills each plant offers. Team Vanquish is exactly as it sounds, destroy the other team going head to head. First to 50 kills wins! If you have ever played any game that has an Attack and Defend mode, Gardens and Graveyards is just that. One team will attack one garden or graveyard at a time until it is taken over. After each check point is controlled, the attacking team will move in on the main base. Each control point has a 5 minute timer. The team must take it over within that time period to progress. Gnome Bomb is a mode where the players attempt to secure a bomb strapped to the back of a gnome. Although Gardens and Graveyards is really fun, I found myself playing Team Vanquish most of the time, probably because the games go rather quickly and coins can be earned faster.

There isn’t really any story-line to PvZ: Garden Warfare. In fact, the game focuses on working together as a team to complete the goal of the type of game mode you are playing. So, build your plants and zombies skills to make them powerful and blast away your opponents.


The graphics of this game really surprised me. Everything is a bit cartoonish, but fitting for all the comedy within the game. Players game from a third person view throughout.



The sound for PvZ: Garden Warfare is fun and witty. Zombies talk and moan a bunch of nonsense, while the plants make uppity sounds.


If you love the hand-held versions of Plants vs Zombies, you’ll defiantly love PvZ: Garden Warfare. This game is great! Very entertaining for all ages.



  • Very addicting and entertaining.
  • Will keep you involved in progressing characters.
  • Great graphics


  • Not a whole lot of maps available yet.


Style – Multiplayer

Publisher – Electronic Arts

Developer – PopCap Games

Release – February 2014


  • 4.0 – Gameplay
  • 4.0 – Graphics
  • 4.0 – Sound
  • 5.0 – Entertainment
  • 4.5 – Replay Value


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Owner/Co-Founder - Review Junkies LLC., Est. June 2013

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