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Good day junkie fans!  Today we celebrate the release of PlayStation Now to the once forgotten platform of the PC.  What does this mean you may ask?  Oh, nothing really, only now all of those PlayStation exclusives are now available to millions of PC users around the world without the need of a PlayStation…that’s all.    Ever since the launch of PlayStation 4 when they announced that it would have no backwards compatibility and basically all of my PS3 titles were worthless, I was pretty upset with both Sony and Microsoft for this idiotic move.  I then made a gaming PC for my living room and hooked up a controller to it and found the beauty of Steam and PC gaming.  I’m not the traditional PC gamer playing with the mouse and keyboard but I found that I could hook up any controller that I was comfortable with and like to my system and play it.  I’ve hooked up PlayStation Controllers, Xbox, no name and many more.  I have since found the Xbox one controller to be the best fit for me but I have been longing to play those PlayStation exclusives like Uncharted and The Last of Us.  I have come close many times to buying a PS4 but I just could never pull the trigger and do it.  Now, looking back, I’m glad to have had that hesitancy on the trigger.

Today, the once exclusive PlayStation Now service has opened to Windows users and I can hear a hallelujah from the heavens, at least in my ears.  I quickly downloaded the app to give it a whirl and I can promise you, it is AMAZING!  I signed up for the 7-day trial and began looking for those exclusives that I talked earlier about.  I soon found it, Uncharted 3.  Nathan drake was back on my screen but not from a PS4 or PS3, but from my same Steam Powered gaming PC.  Very exciting times to not have to spend 400 smackers on a PS4 for a couple of exclusives.  This makes sense to me from both standpoints as we were told once upon a time while working at Best Buy that the video game manufactures don’t make anything on the systems, that they get all of their bucks from each title.  So for Sony to offer a subscription service to everyone, smart!


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