Rogue Legacy

To Heir is Human, Demon-Halfbreed, or Lich’s (wait for it, I’ll explain this later). I started off this game with high hopes, falling for the modern day (swag) in video games which is to play ” indie style” games and I’m not talking about a Kama sutra move with Dr. Jones. Indie games are popping up like crazy these days. Rogue Legacy has been getting rave reviews on other sites.  I dare to say that some of these reviewers are just trying to be hip saying “Hey check this out I like “indie games””.

The game is almost too much like Castlevania Symphony of the Night…except that SOTN was released in 1997 and has better graphics. I’ve read many people saying the game is like Dark Souls because you die a lot (which you do), but Dark Souls has superior graphics and an in-depth story. If anything, death is more like Infinity Blade (iPad). Instead of having a respawn, save, or checkpoint system, when you die you can select 3 heirs to continue on your quest.  Each set of offspring is selected at random (male or female) and will have bonuses and “traits” like flatulence (yes! as in pull-finger) or color blindness.  I laughed a lot when I would get the air biscuit toting knight and found this to be my favorite trait when given the choice. Later in the game as you progress, you can upgrade your castle to allow your heirs, to be half demon or a Lich. I would hate to be the woman who gave birth to either.  Progression is all done by spending coins. It should also be noted that after you die the castle layout you just spent minutes playing changes. They must have an compulsive interior designer who is just never satisfied.


The gameplay itself is pretty straight forward; Jump, run around, slash, and use your special ability. While adventuring you can collect gold, armor and weapon blueprints, or magical talents. Then when you die you pass this onto your heir, who can then spend the coins on upgrading the castle (which acts as a skill tree and bonus for your player) or you can spend your cash on weapons, armor and magic abilities. Once you are done spending and are ready to re-enter the castle you will meet a money sucker (tax-man, gold digger spouse, you name it) but you can only enter the castle when you have given up all your cash. THIS IS WHERE THE GAME FAILS!! If you are an average player and don’t have massive skills to progress very far, then you will never pass on enough cash to ensure upgrades or purchases. This forces you to give up what gold you have to re-enter the castle and try again. I played for over 2 hour trying to get enough money to upgrade and after each death I was always a 100 or so gold short so I was forced to forfeit my cash and try again, just to continue this vicious cycle over and over. So here I am with a level 80 character that has become stagnant and there is no system in place that says, “hey this guy isn’t that good so lets make it a bit easier so he can move on”. This part of the game feels like it is setting itself up for a mobile device release, where for a $1 billion dollars you can get 100 in game coins.

There is an easy fix for that problem and it’s called using a trainer or save game editor. To me, that isn’t how the game was meant to be played and I always feel so dirty after using them. If a PC game requires me to cheat to move on, then it’s just to hard for this old geezer. So I let my nephews in on the action 12 and 16, both avid gamers. Each made it an hour and said meh… too hard. If I wanted to play a game where I work my butt off for no reward and someone takes my money all the time and my house is rearranged every time I turn around, I would turn off the game and enter my life of marriage and 60 hour work week.

The strong point is the game is relatively cheap and can be fun at time, reminding me of games of yesteryear.


Meh..Old School Graphics, bringing Indie Style back to the forefront again


Nothing great or standoutish.


For $15 (08/13), it is a decent purchase. This game will not go down in my collection of games as a true masterpiece. It came with a two nephews thumbs down. They said it was “cool but not Ahahahawesome”. If you enjoy 2D style games, have great hand eye coordination and enjoyed classics like Castlevania and Ghost’s and Goblins then you might just enjoy the feel of this game.


  • Humorous at times
  • Fun to see what the “negative traits” do to gameplay
  • Has some older game nostalgic feel


  • Losing your coin each go around
  • Castle changes (sometimes not for your benefit)
  • Leveling up can stop at a certain level preventing you from continuing your story


Style – Single Player, 2D Jump and Slash

Publisher – Cellar Door Games

Developer – Cellar Door Games

Release – June 2013


  • 3.0 – Gameplay
  • 2.0 – Graphics
  • 2.5 – Sound
  • 2.7 – Entertainment
  • 2.5 – Replay Value


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