Seventh Son – Review

The Seventh Son is Legendary Pictures film adaptation of Joseph Delaney’s Book, The Last Apprentice. Watching the trailer I was excited for a mystical world filled with magic, prophecies and dark supernatural creatures. Seeing one of my personal favorite actors, Jeff Bridges, in the leading role of Master Gregory furthered my excitement and I couldn’t wait to see this movie. After thirty minutes into the film I realized this movie was not as exciting as the trailer lead me to believe nor did it show any promise of getting better.


The film starts with a young knight caging someone or something in a mountain and then riding off. A lengthy but beautiful time lapse occurs and it ends with finding the young knight mentioned before, now as an old drunkard. His apprentice, Mr. Bradley, played by Kit Harrington, who we all know as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones comes to call upon him and we learn the old drunkard is Master Gregory and he is being summoned to help eradicate evil. Shenanigans ensues along with some light humor until Master Gregory and Mr. Bradley find the evil. Master Gregory begins a spell and unleashes  the Queen Witch, Julianne Moore, who we learn is the person he locked in the mountain in the beginning of the film. She is out, and wants to reclaim her power and rule over the land. Master Gregory assures her this will not happen and the end result she escapes and kills Mr. Bradley.

Master Gregory now needs to find himself a new apprentice. Somehow he knows there is another Seventh Son of a Seventh Son living in the woods and he is arriving at his doorstep to recruit him. Once Master Gregory arrives he is met with very little resistance and he meets Tom Ward, played by  Ben Barnes. Tom Ward knows he must go with Master Gregory because, well, he has had unexplained visions and his Mother, Mam Ward, played by Olivia Williams gave him this secret amulet before he embarks on his journey, because unbeknownst to him his mother is also a witch.


Master Gregory trains Tom Ward, if you really want to call it that. Preparing him for this final battle with the Queen Witch and all her evil servants  before the end of the Blood Moon.   However, the Queen Witch has a spy following Master Gregory, a young witch named Alice, played by Alicia Vikander, who quickly falls in love with Tom Ward and steals his amulet.  Tom Ward is heartbroken over Alice’s betrayal and sets off with Master Gregory to find the amulet and defeat the Queen Witch.

Master Gregory and Tom Ward find the Queen Witch in her stronghold where they should have had an epic battle. Instead, much like this movie, it sucked. Of course there was some light action and Tom Ward gets his amulet back and because he is a seventh son of a seventh son and also the son of a witch he has great power to defeat the Queen Witch.


The scripting for this film is just awful, there are so many plotholes, tons of empty dialogue and a story that goes nowhere. The landscape is beautiful and I thought the CGI was fairly decent. The acting was sub par from everyone but Jeff Bridges and Kit Harrington but seeing as Kit Harrington’s character dies early and as great as Jeff Bridges is, there is no way he could carry this movie alone. Julianne Moore could have brought more to the table, even though she wasn’t  bad, I think her character was killed by the scripting.  Ben Barnes and Alicia Vikander had zero chemistry and the so called love story fell right to the cutting room floor; not to mention you can see this type of acting at a sixth graders school play.  Olivia Williams was good, there just wasn’t much for her and I thought she did well with what she was given.

Save yourself the money and wait for its release to television.




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