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SPF-18 – Trailer

  SPF-18 – Trailer
When you grow up in LA, real life and the movies can get a little mixed up. Eighteen-year-old Penny Cooper (Carson Meyer) spent years pining for high school heartthrob Johnny Sanders Jr. (Noah Centineo) before his father’s tragic death brought them closer together. When a mysterious country musician Ash Baker (Jackson White) comes to town, Penny is torn.

Sandwiched between her free-spirited cousin Camilla (Bianca Santos), and self-absorbed mother (Molly Ringwald), Penny turns to her camera for answers, because sometimes things feel more real on video than they do in real life.
Directed by: Alex Israel
Starring: Carson Meyer, Noah Centineo, Bianca Santos, Jackson White, Sean Russell Herman, Rosanna Arquette, Molly Ringwald, Keanu Reeves, Pamela Anderson

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