Splinter Cell Blacklist

Sneaking around, cutting throats, silencer pistol kills and hiding the bodies, whats not to like? For the most part I’ve never been a big fan of video games involving a lot of patience. If you slip up just a little your cover is blown, then get smoked by the enemies and have to start all over again. I can now say Splinter Cell Blacklist has changed my view for this style of a game.

Splinter Cell Blacklist starts off with a terrorist attack on Anderson Air-force Base as Sam Fisher is departing. Using Fisher, the gamer is shown a short tutorial mission for a button refresher. Soon after the attack, a group claims responsibility for the attack naming themselves as, “The Engineers”. They announce this attack is the first of many deadly attacks escalating against the United States called “The Blacklist”. According to The Engineers, the attacks will halt once the U.S. removes all deployed troops.

Responding to the threats, the President of the U.S. who shut down the corrupt “Third Echelon” created a newly special operations team called, “Fourth Echelon”. The team is assigned to Sam Fisher who is tasked with hunting down The Engineers to put a stop to the terrorist threat. Fisher and his team handle their operations from a large cargo plane, codename “Paladin”.


Aside from the storyline, the game incorporates environment interactions. The player can use cover, climb over things and even hang from ledges. The game really aims to using cover and concealment, so turning off or shooting lights assist you for staying in stealth mode. Instead of using lethal options, the player has other equipment as their disposal such as smoke, shock mines and noise makers to assist in taking down enemies. I found myself using the shock mines quite a bit luring enemies to walk over them. After removing a threat, the body can be hidden so others won’t discover a fallen comrade. There were so many different ways to subdue enemies I didn’t find things to be repetitive at all. This was one of my favorite things about Splinter Cell Blacklist, because I tend to get board quickly with stealth games due to having little patience. Another awesome feature was upgrading Fisher’s gear. During each mission, the player unlocks cash for completing objectives and achievement tasks. In turn, this cash is used to purchase upgrades for your gear and base of operations.


For the most part, Splinter Cell Blacklist had decent graphics. I never noticed overlapping layers in the details and the cut-scenes were closely realistic. The AR-15 Tactical Scopes have a really unique sight and are quite enjoyable, the night vision goggles were pretty cool too.



The sound effects were spot on when it came to combat, but one thing I was a little disappointed with was the enemy communications. I tend play loud shooting games using my Turtle Beach headset, so when it comes to the sounds of a game I can really hear everything. The enemies talking to one another annoyed me at times. I could be looking directly at the enemies while they were chatting it up and the voices sounded like they were coming from a completely different area. This would mess me up at times when I was sneaking around causing me to be detected.


I would say Splinter Cell Blacklist changed my mind about stealth style games. Before Blacklist, I never played any of the Splinter Cell games. It was a nice change from playing fast pace first person shooters. If you’re not into sneaking around, my suggestion would be to rent this game first. Although, if you rent it you might just purchase it because it is just that good.


  • Good storyline
  • Awesome gadgets and take-downs
  • Environment interactions
  • Customizable gear


  • Inaccurate voice projections from enemies

Style – Single / Multiplayer

Publisher – Ubisoft

Developer – Ubisoft

Release – August 2013


  • 4.5 – Gameplay
  • 4.0 – Graphics
  • 4.0 – Sound
  • 4.0 – Entertainment
  • 3.0 – Replay Value


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