Welcome from Review Junkies! Nicholas Black, Jake Grunwald, and Michael Gutierrez established Review Junkies on June 1st, 2013. Each of us shares a love for films, video games and technology. With that in mind, we felt we should share our passion with the world. Our staff aims to give you the latest news and reviews on the things you enjoy. We deliver detailed information you are looking for; we review it, you read it! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. You can also view our live gaming streams through Twitch. Thank you for your support!


Nicholas Black (Austin, TX)

  • @NickCBlack
  • Gamertag(s); TactakillChewy (X1)
  • Fav Movies; Heat, The Dark Knight, The Prestige
  • Fav Games; Far Cry: Blood Dragon, Fallout Series, Rainbow Six


Jake Grunwald (N. Las Vegas, NV)

  • @MrGriz9041
  • Gamertag(s); lli PULSE ill (X1), PULSERATOR (PSN)
  • Fav Movies; Star Wars Trilogy (Original) , Back to the Future, Die Hard
  • Fav Games; Fallout Series, Mass Effect Series, Rainbow Six


Michael Gutierrez (Tampa, FL)

  • Gamertag(s); Lil Wolfman (X1)
  • Fav Movies; Gladiator, Riddick, The Island
  • Fav Games; Fable, Mass Effect, Assassins Creed

Mark Parker (San Jose, CA)

  • Gamertag(s); xXBIGParkerXx (X1)
  • Fav Movies; The Boondock Saints, Goonies, Braveheart
  • Fav Games; Halo, Rainbow 6, Destiny

Valerie Black (Austin, TX)

  • @i_stand_on_land
  • Gamertag(s); StuffofStars (X1)
  • Fav Movies;
  • Fav Games; Super Puzzle Fighter 2, Portal, Tetris

Ryan Koceski (Pittsburgh, PA)

  • Gamertag(s); Maz6687 (PSN)
  • Fav Movies; LOTR Trilogy, The Dark Knight, Aliens
  • Fav Games; Mass Effect 2, Super Metroid, MGS 3: Snake Eater

Corey Staheli (Las Vegas, NV)

  • Nickname; GadgetGuruLV
  • Gamertag(s); chambonito (Steam)
  • Fav Movies; Star Wars Trilogy, The Family Man, Gladiator
  • Fav Games; Command and Conquer, Battlefield, Lego games

Each review is carefully edited to minimize errors and produced correct information. Our team of editors do their best to provide accurate details.

Nicholas Black
Jake Grunwald
Valerie Black

Site details and graphics are brought to you by the following staff members.

Michael Gutierrez
Jake Grunwald
Nicholas Black

Review Junkies works hard in the field to bring you live detailed information during conventions and expos. Each event would not be successful without the assistance from our media team.

Michael Kinney
Jake Grunwald
Corey Staheli

Special thanks to those who contributed to Review Junkies in the past. Even though these people are not currently staff members anymore, the reviews they produced have helped is the success of our site.

Matthew Koceski
Natalie Person
Blake Farris
Codie Womack
Matthew Cisneros
Samuel Burnette
Mark Howell


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