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VPN Speed

VPN Speed is a torrent-friendly Android VPN app with more than a million installs reported on Google Play. The free service supports only three countries: Netherlands, UK and US. There are ads – lots of … Read More »

Opera VPN

Opera VPN is a simple and entirely free virtual private network (VPN) powered by Toronto-based SurfEasy. You don't get the same level of features as SurfEasy's commercial products – which is no surprise for a … Read More »

VPN One Click

VPN One Click is a popular provider which delivers a basic VPN service for a budget price. Experts may not be impressed by the technical specs. There's no support for the configurable and secure OpenVPN … Read More »

WiTopia VPN

With more than 12 years' experience in the VPN market, you'd expect WiTopia to have put together an impressive list of features – and the company doesn't disappoint. This provider is strong on the fundamentals, … Read More »

VPN in Touch

VPN in Touch is a German provider which offers a simple VPN service for what looks like a very low price. Specifications are basic with only nine locations available (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, … Read More »

Hola Premium VPN

Buy a VPN service and you'll probably expect access to some carefully managed network of high-powered servers, smartly linked via highly secure protocols to block all unauthorized access to your traffic. Hola isn't like that … Read More »

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