The Secret Life of Pets – Review

The Secret Life of Pets is one of my families most anticipated movies of the summer.  We went to see it and I can say that everyone in the family enjoyed it from 35-5 years old.  The movie begins by introducing the main dog, Max.  Max tells his story of the fun times that he has with his owner.  He is quickly confronted by another rescue dog that his owner brings home named Duke.  Duke and Max don’t mix well and they are at each others’ throats, ready to commit all kinds of mayhem just to get rid of one another.  I found it enjoyable with the imagination of the screen writers of what pets do while their owners are at work.


Duke and Max are taken to a dog park and scheme how they could get rid of each other.  More Max than Duke as he was just happy to be rescued from the shelter.  Max and Duke end up taking a wild journey through the city as they were picked up by animal control.  They are broken out of the Animal Control truck and taken to meet the “underground” world of stray cats, dogs and yes, a vicious bunny named Snowball.  Snowball is the leader of the underground world and has a few screws loose.


The fluffy little dog that lived across from Max, Gidget, finds out that Max is missing and goes on her own adventure to find him and bring him home.  Gidget teams up with other animals including an evil eagle in order to bring her friend home.  This team is pretty comical as they have an old dog with a wheel chair that guides them through this adventure and they play well off of each other.

I recommend the Secret Life of Pets to people of all ages as it carries a good story line with it and encourages folks, that even though they may be different or they may be stuck in a situation that they don’t like, to make the best of it and everything works out alright in the end.


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