This Is The End

L-r front, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Emma Watson and Aziz Ansari star in Columbia Pictures' "This Is The End," also starring James Franco, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride and Criag Robinson.

This is the End; a movie about real actors in a fictional story. There’s only one word that fully encapsulates this movie. Hilarious!

In the beginning of the movie Seth Rogen, playing himself is waiting at LAX for his close friend Jay Baruchel to arrive for dude time including lots of drinking, pot and video games. Seth, thinking Jay would be comfortable with the idea, mentions a party going on that evening being hosted by Pineapple Express’ James Franco. Jay isn’t interested in going to the party but Seth twists his arm and convinces him to go.  They arrive to drugs, sex and debauchery among other things and are surrounded by many celebrities including Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Craig Robinson and Emma Watson.

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During the party, Baruchel wants to step out to buy cigarettes so Rogen accompanies him. At the store, strange things start to happen. Beams of blue light start pulling people into the sky. It appears to be signs of the beginning of the end and Jay is terrified. They rush back to the party where Jay recounts what they just witnessed, only for the partygoers to think he’s crazy and even his so-called friend Seth doesn’t side with him. The ground starts shaking and everyone runs outside to see a large crack in the Earth that expands and makes many of the cameos casualties of the upcoming apocalypse. The only known survivors are Franco, Rogen, Hill, Baruchel and Robinson. They immediately find out that the largest earthquake in California history has struck and still have no idea the end is nigh. After coming to terms with the devastation, they start filling their time with heavy drug use, video diaries and even a home movie sequel of Pineapple Express, which was a riot.


Seth Rogen and James Franco never disappoint so I knew I would enjoy this movie. It’s non-stop comedy and many references about the actors’ careers are mentioned and joked about. Specifically James Franco’s art, film and every other endeavor he embarks upon. If you need a good comedy film in the midst of summer blockbusters, I highly recommend This is the End.


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