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Nobody can forget when Duck Hunt was first released on Nintendo back in the 80’s, that is if you were born yet. Even then, Duck Hunt has made its way to the console arcades now. This game was definitely one of my favorites as a kid. Blasting ducks and a laughing dog is one thing I usually think about when I hear someone mention Nintendo.

Duck Hunt is a shooter game where the gamer uses the NES Zapper light gun to shot ducks one screen. The player goes through a series of levels which get increasingly harder. The objective of the game is to shoot the ducks or clay pigeons when they come out of the brush without missing. The player is given 3 rounds of ammunition and will need to reload after shooting it all. Each successful hit will increase the players score and if there are multiple successful hits the score will get higher and higher.


Compared to today games, Duck Hunt would be horrible, but back in the 80’s it wasn’t too shabby.



There isn’t much to sound with this game. Other than the shots being fired and the dog laughing at you when you miss.


Duck Hunt was a classic favorite of mine and I think everyone should experience playing it. If you don’t have your original Nintendo laying around, download the arcade version and enjoy! Play the game how you see fit. You can either play Duck Hunt like it was designed (sitting away from the TV and aiming) or cheat (put the gun against the screen so you never miss).


  • Pure fun
  • Competitive


  • Easy to cheat


Style – Single-Player, Two-Player

Developer – Nintendo R&D1

Publisher – Nintendo

Release – October 1985


Duck Hunt is one of the first games I ever played.  The fact that the game came with the light gun made it one of the coolest games ever made, even though I used to always cheat by shooting at the TV at point blank range. Ryan Koceski – 4/5


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