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In honor of Halloween, the film throwback for this week is Hocus Pocus. How can anyone have a complete Halloween without the Sanderson sisters? It is unbelievable 20 years have gone by since the release of this movie. Hocus Pocus has become an instant classic and a definite must watch every year. Maybe it is because I was only 10 when it came out, or maybe it is just because I enjoy Halloween so much, but I can honestly say the film is great for the whole family.


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Without getting too much into the plot of the story (because I’m sure most of you have seen the film), after being dead for 300 yrs, the Sanderson sisters are resurrected by a virgin teenager named Max. The Sanderson sisters plan to steal the souls for every child in Salem to restore their beauty, but have to regain their stolen spell book from Max, Allison and his little sister Dani. With assistance from a spell casted black cat named Binx and a zombie called Billy, the two teens and child fight back against the Sandersons to try and save the town once again from the evil witches.

Hocus Pocus is a Disney film geared towards family viewing for the ghostly holiday. Children will truly enjoy it and adults will too. The movie is filled with comedy, spooks and suspense. Don’t worry too much though, it is not scary enough to make you pee your pants. This year was the release of the 20th anniversary edition on Blu-ray. I strongly encourage ALL to purchase Hocus Pocus and make it a holiday tradition for the family if you have not done so already.


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