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To Be Takei – Review

When someone merely mentions George Takei in any conversation, I almost immediately think of Lt. Sulu flying the Enterprise in Star Trek. But, Lt. Sulu only scrapes the surface of Takei’s lifetime achievements. As time passes on and Star Trek reboots are made, the younger generation now have little knowledge of the original Star Trek movies and television series. For me personally, I knew George Takei was as an actor, but I truly didn’t know about his life or him as a person until I started listening to The Howard Stern Show. Takei would appear as a guest and if anyone knew anything about a Howard Stern interview, Howard is able to pull the deepest secrets from almost anyone. These interviews gave me a better understanding about Takei, leading me to respect him more as an actor and even more as a human being.

To Be Takei takes viewers on a journey in the life of actor and activist, George Takei. The struggles he faced along the way and how he was able to overcome many obstacles to be where he is today is remarkable. The challenges have never been easy. As a young boy, Takei and his family were placed in WWII internment camps after the bombing of Pearl Harbor due to their race. The outlook Mr. Takei has on the United States is very surprising considering what he has gone through. Another difficultly Takei faced growing up was his sexual orientation. Takei found himself fond of other boys at a young age and ultimately made a decision to keep it to himself in order to protect his acting career. Over time, he landed large roles and became a hero in the eyes of the Asian community. Eventually, Takei met the love of his life during his journey. With Brad by his side, Takei was a huge voice for all to have equal rights in same-sex marriage.

George Takei’s life is very interesting. With all the challenges he faced, Takei still has a great sense of humor and positive look on life. With over 7 million followers on Facebook, Takei fills his fans with laughter daily. At age 77, Takei is still very active with the public; signing autographs, acting in the new Broadway show Allegiance and his guest appearances on The Howard Stern Show. Listening to the conversations and input Takei has on Stern’s show never gets old. Like Howard, Takei is a true entertainer and has proven it throughout his whole life.

If you are a fan of George Takei, I highly recommend seeing To Be Takei. The documentary is available through Video On Demand, iTunes and in select theaters. I also encourage those who don’t really know George Takei to check it out. This film gives you a better understanding how truly great Takei is as a person and I’m certain it will turn you into a fan. In my best George Takei voice from his famous tag line, “Oh Myyy!” I’ll leave you with a quote from the film…

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on! – George Takei

To Be Takei
  • 88%
    Jake Grunwald - 88%

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