Tomb Raider Review

Let me just say, I LOVED THIS MOVIE! WHY? Let’s start with the fact that she (Lara Croft) wasn’t hyper sexualized, I love that they portrayed her as a strong, ambitious young woman.

I went into this movie knowing NOTHING! I had never played the games; I had never seen the Angelina Jolie “Lara”. I went it with no prejudice whatsoever, AND I LOVED IT! I was on edge the whole time. Director Roar Uthaug and by Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Alastair Siddons, from a story by Evan Daugherty and Robertson-Dworet all did an amazing job collaborating and making an amazing film.

I know there will be the few who will be upset, but I feel these will be the individuals who watched Jolie’s version.


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