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Xbox One or Playstation 4 (C.O.T.D.) Console of the Day: Modern Warfare A Gamer’s ChoicePlaystation 4XBOX ONE

When I heard Microsoft and Sony were both going to put out a new console I was more than excited, I pre-ordered each one as soon as I could. I was expecting great things from both companies. The jump that Microsoft took from Xbox to the 360 was huge as well as the Playstation 2 to the 3. If you remember during the first battle, the Xbox 360 was released a year earlier than the Playstation 3, and Xbox nabbed a huge portion of online games with Xbox Live during that period. This year has the playing field more level with them coming out a week just apart. Several other websites have already posted their technical reviews, listing all the cool tech specs and jarbin that the average person doesn’t understand. I am a gamer at heart and thus my review here will be based of the gaming aspect. Sorry Wii U your not even going to be a contender here. When I pick a game a few factors go into mind such as; if it is coming out on PC, I will always get that version (superior graphics and sound), If my friends are getting a game for online play then I usually went with the Xbox version, if the multiplayer aspect doesn’t matter and it only comes out on the game consoles then the Playstation 3 (GTA V).

Lets discuss the Playstation 4 since I got it first. If you are expecting the huge leap this console has taken from the Playstation 3 you are going to be disappointed. Now don’t missunderstand me it has been upgraded and I’m sure future games to come will push the consols limits, but right now the graphics are not considerabley better. With todays technology and graphics cards, Playstation dropped the ball. The pictures below show the progression of Sony’s Playstation’s graphics cards and the there is a difference between 3 and 4 it makes the game prettier but not a big enough difference to say “Deeeamn Gina!”

ps1PS2 killzone3_playstation3 killzone-shadow-fall-5

Playstation 4’s interface is a huge improvement and easier to navigate than it’s predecessor. The console came with a $10 PS Store card, the option to add 36 month protection plans (accidental damage and console damage). The ability to upgrade several PS3 titles to the digital PS4 version ($10 fee for each game upgrade) was a nice surprise. Playing online is easier, as well PS4 now has the equivalent of Xbox Live but is cheaper and it is just as easy to play online multiplayer, and any headset with a 3.5 mm jack will work, so technically your Apple iPhone earphones will work. The hard drive is completely upgrade-able (and easy to do). Game loading times are more tolerable, with Killzone it plays part of the storyline cinematic while loading and you can start playing within minutes.

With the console, extra controller, and camera I dished out roughly $520. Read the conclusion/comparison to see which console is right for you.


Microsoft’s XBox One (I got the black launch day edition) is dubbing itself a gaming media all in one center.   I unboxed it and connected it to my DirecTV and turned it on and got a black screen, it stayed that way for about 5 minutes. So I turned it off and went online to see if there was a solution, apparently a lot of people had the same problem and some of those that unplugged there Xbox Ones crashed the system. So I turned it on and waited and finally the setup process began, then the day one mandatory updated prompted and I updated. Then the green Xbox One splash screen appeared and seemed to be stuck, I waited for 10 minutes, again I looked online and it said wait, so 20 minutes later my Xbox went to the Xbox Home screen. The fact that Microsoft did not include warnings about this in the quick setup guide was piss poor. Reading the forums a lot of folks damaged their Xbox’s thinking the console had froze and unplugged the system, which from the sounds of it, crashed the system altogether.

Once everything was updated and I migrated my gamer profile over (really easily) I was eager to try all the cool features. Like it promised I could control my DirecTV with my voice. It was fun for about a minute until I realized I was in trouble when while watching a show about the Xbox One, the guy on the TV said “Xbox shutdown” and my Xbox recognized what the guy on the TV said and shut down, in fact it recognized a lot of words, so if you listen to the TV somewhat loud it acts on TV actors speech and that got annoying really quick. I also learned that to watch TV your Xbox must be on also. Having access to the TV while gaming sounds cool, but to me personally, it is literally useless. I can see some benefit  if you are a huge sports fan and a huge gamer and you just have to Level up to Prestige, while watching your team whoop on the opponents team. Other than that the technology is cool, but I used the Xbox to game and DirecTV to watch TV. The Kinect is awesome, it has LED’s for low light, night vision, and thermal views and is a huge step up from the last Kinect. Again though if I am gaming it’s not to get up and run around my living room looking like a fool (trust me I do). I go to the gym to workout. The ability to use Skype is great though. Now I can talk to my family from afar.. well as soon as they pony up the money to get an Xbox One. The interface is a step backwards for XBOX. There is so much going on just on the Home Screen, that I spent an hour navigating and trying to figure out all the cool stuff Xbox One does. Eventually when I got to the gaming I put in Ryse and Dead Rising 3 and the load times were considerably long for the Xbox, it took about 15 minutes per game before I could start playing.

The Xbox One comes with the Kinect, a battery powered controller, and I purchased a plug an charge controller (rechargeable batteries), thus my final price point was $560. Xbox to date has not provided any way to digitaly update 360 games to One. $25 more to upgrade the packaged controller to plug and charge.

PS4 VS Xbox One

  • The One has a better camera
  • The One had more apps to listen to music, watch videos, and Skype
  • The PS4 graphics and game load times thus far are better
  • The PS4 interface is easier to navigate
  • Suprisingly the PS4 store was easier to navigate than the One’s marketplace
  • The PS4 controllers come with rechargeable batteries integrated and non-proprietary mic slots.
  • The PS4 controllers are cooler, with the led lights, touch pad and integrated speaker.
  • The PS4 hard drive is accesable and upgradeable, the One’s to date is not and if you do you void the warranty.
  • Both play Blu-ray’s.

Time to make a choice!

If you are buying a gaming console then the no brainer goes to Sony’s Playstation 4.

If multiplayer is important aspect but you don’t care if it’s Xbox Live or Playstation Plus then Playstation 4, it’s cheaper and has improved. (both consoles offer monthly free games as long as you subscribe to their online services)

If it is important for you to maintain your Xbox live account and play online then the One is your console.

I think the TV media side of the One is neat but unnecessary and a waste of technical resources, Microsoft could have used to upgrade other features. If you want to watch TV, talk to your friends through Skype, and play games all from the same room, then Xbox is your choice.

MONEY – If cash is important factor then the PS4 , straight out of the box it is $100 cheaper. Even adding the camera, to match the systems with wireless rechargeable controller, the PS4 is $65 cheaper. 

If game lineup is important to you then you may just want to get both consoles as both have awesome games coming out that are only available for each console. (Titanfall, Halo, Infamous Second Son, Uncharted)

Sony put together a great console that is wrapped around the gamer and won this battle as the war continues. Since neither console has a lot of games available then you may just want to hold off until you decide, especially if you are only going to get one console.


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